Mixing the 4th: Last phase. #rockandrollfuture #eternal

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Thank you Roadburn! regram @jurgenvh #ph #mph #mrpeterhayden @roadburnfest #roadburn2016

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See you in Roadburn Festival! Sunday at 22:40 in Green Room.

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”On the surface, it seems they do hour-long songs, but we know what they do is really extending the concept of “song” to…

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Progress is inevitable, as it has always been. From now on we will use just the PH-monogram to identify ourselves. To…

 We are heading on tour in support of our 4th album ‘Eternal Hayden’. Come join us in celebration of the new cycle! 11.3. @naturemortenm, @olympiakortteli, Tampere 17.3. Rock Ravintola Grande, Rovaniemi 18.3. @45_special_oulu, Oulu 31.3. @tallinnmusicweek, Tallinn 5.5. @rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki 6.5. @bardowntownkouvola, Kouvola 12.5. @suisto, Hämeenlinna 13.5. @barloose, Helsinki 1.7. @roskildefestival, Roskilde Eternal Hayden (LP/CD) is out on March 10th. Available at @svartrecords shop: http://www.svartrecords.com/product/eternal-hayden/ #eternalhayden  Announcing more live shows to celebrate Eternal Hayden: 17.3. Grande, Rovaniemi 18.3. @45_special_oulu, Oulu On these dates we are joined by Riutta. #EternalHayden #Rovaniemi #Oulu #grande #45specialoulu  Eternal Hayden review and first track preview by @hptaskmaster of The Obelisk http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2017/01/26/ph-eternal-hayden-review-track-premiere/ "PH have made the transition to set themselves on a new path with this fourth and/or first record — and they’ve done so while sharing the process with their listeners on a meta level. That honesty of approach is rare, but moreover, as PH assess their past and their way forward, they engage the audience as a part of it. This is crucial to the immersion that Eternal Hayden creates with its depth of mix and atmospherics, and it makes it plain that as Mr. Peter Hayden become simply PH, they’re carrying pivotal lessons with them as to what that process means." #EternalHayden #rockandrollfuture #theobelisk
 Avaruusromua (Space Junk) will be playing a piece from Eternal Hayden on @yleradio1 on Sunday at 22:05 Finnish time. #EternalHayden #avaruusromua  Tallinn, see you in March. @tallinnmusicweek #tallinnmusicweek Renard Coffee Shop 23:00 Fri March 31st  We are very proud to announce our fourth album Eternal Hayden. To be released via @svartrecords on March 10th 2017 on vinyl, compact disc and digital formats. Tracklisting: 1. Looking Back at Mr. Peter Hayden 2. We Fly High 3. Reach 4. Higher 5. Rock And Roll Future #EternalHayden #rockandrollfuture #vinyl #svartrecords
 Eternal Hayden (LP/CD) available for pre-orders at @svartrecords shop. http://svartrecords.com/shoppe/home/4108-ph-eternal-hayden-lp.html Release date: March 10th #EternalHayden  We are to perform at @roskildefestival 2017. #rf17  On a verge of big announcements. Stars and cards aligned. Future is now. #EternalHayden #rockandrollfuture #rockandrolltears #rockandrollcheers

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