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Mixing the 4th: Last phase. #rockandrollfuture #eternal

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Thank you Roadburn! regram @jurgenvh #ph #mph #mrpeterhayden @roadburnfest #roadburn2016

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See you in Roadburn Festival! Sunday at 22:40 in Green Room.

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”On the surface, it seems they do hour-long songs, but we know what they do is really extending the concept of “song” to…

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Progress is inevitable, as it has always been. From now on we will use just the PH-monogram to identify ourselves. To…

 #rytmikorjaamo Photo: Elias Jokiranta / @eliasjokiranta / www.eliasjokiranta.com  Last night was the last show of the year, but we will be back soon with big news. #rockandrollfuture regram @attor_servel MPH. #rytmikorjaamo #saturday #mph #fosters #jaloviina  Time bent, around the bend. #rockandrolltears #rockandrollfuture
 #rytmikorjaamo Photo: Elias Jokiranta / @eliasjokiranta / www.eliasjokiranta.com  Showtime 21:15 @rytmikorjaamo pic:@dynamiittimake  Exactly ten years ago today we released our first seven-inch entitled “First Cycle Complete”. To celebrate the passing of time we would like to give away two copies of this 7”, the last ones we have in our possession. Copies will be mailed to the two first individuals who send their address to us using Instagram direct messages. (Edit: 7" are gone) We are also very pleased to let you know that we have finished working on our fourth album and looking forward to release it.
 #rytmikorjaamo Photo: Elias Jokiranta / @eliasjokiranta / www.eliasjokiranta.com  The wait for tomorrow. #futurelovers #modern #sewntogether #lights  Kiarama III #kiarama #gong Photo: Maija Lahtinen

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