Eternal Hayden

1. Looking Back At Mr. Peter Hayden
2. We Fly High
3. Reach
4. Higher
5. Rock And Roll Future





 LP CD Svart Records March 10th 2017


Archdimension Now

1. Archdimension Now

 ”Archdimension Now is a triumph as wide as a galaxy, a starfire of light and hallucinatory visions across a backdrop as dark as the void. Split across two, hour-long compositions, there is a certain degree of effort involved in appreciating what’s on offer, but that’s the point. The massive scope allows for complete immersion, for listeners to cocoon themselves in sheer walls of drone and fractured samples, and for the pulsation and sonar synth to pierce the synapses with their sharp, unforgiving presence. This is less an album than a microcosm, a dimension mapped on plastic and transmitted through light, sound and grinning, endless otherness.”
David Bowes / Rock-A-Rolla #49

2CD Kauriala Society April 11th 2014


Born A Trip

1. Born A Trip


”Mr. Peter Hayden do not fall flat, instead excelling at crafting a singular work that rises and falls tidally, offering minute wave-like undulations to coincide with the larger push and pull. The band remains markedly individual in their approach to space rock, focusing more on the darkness and vastness than the rush of light or the jammed out feel present in so much latter day European psychedelia”
H.P. Taskmaster / The Obelisk
CD Kauriala Society May 17th 2012
2LP Mikrofoni and Rämekuukkeli April 12th 2013


Faster Than Speed

1. Smoke in Space
2. Δt=0


”…hell kiddies, each 33-minute epic offers such a radically different and useful Weltanshauung that you could meditate, exercise or even just bask in an All Night Orgy of cunted timelessness. What? Theyre that much on ye programme? Yup, THAT much on ye programme.”
Julian Cope


CD Kauriala Society August 22nd 2010
2LP Mikrofoni January 15th 2012