Past shows

May 13th Bar Loose, Helsinki
May 12th Suisto, Hämeenlinna
May 6th Bar Downtown, Kouvola
May 5th Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
March 31st Tallinn Music Week 2017
March 18th 45 Spacial, Oulu
March 17th Grande, Rovaniemi
March 10th Nature Morte, Olympia-kortteli, Tampere
October 22th Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
August 12th Kiarama III, Gong, Turku
April 17th Roadburn 2016, Tilburg
February 13th Lepakkomies, Helsinki
December 25th Bar 15, Seinäjoki
October 9th Unta.Kauan III, TVO, Turku
May 15th Great Escape Festival, Brighton
May 16th Great Escape Festival, Brighton
October 24th Super Massive, Semifinal, Helsinki
September 5th Niubi Festival, Korjaamo, Helsinki
August 9th Flow Festival, Helsinki
June 28th Ämyrock, Hämeenlinna
June 28th Tuska Open Air Festival, Helsinki
June 27th Provinssi, Seinäjoki
April 26th Pussy A Go Go, Stockholm
April 25th Copenhagen Psych Fest, Stengade, Copenhagen
April 24th Werk4, Magdeburg
April 23th Crass Pub, Chemnitz
April 22nd Hühnermanahattan Halle
April 21st Little Devil, Tilburg
April 20th Glazart, Paris
April 19th Guss 39, Bülach
April 12th Jyrock, Jyväskylä
February 15th Lepakkomies, Helsinki
February 14th Bar 15, Seinäjoki
January 21st Mars Festival, Kino, Jalasjärvi
September 25th Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
September 19th Kiarama, Annis, Pori
July 5th Kuudes Aisti, Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
May 18th Grande, Rovaniemi
May 17th Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu
April 18th Roadburn Festival 2013, Tilburg
April 16th Zoro, Leipzig
April 17th AJZ Chemnitz, Chemnitz
April 16th White Trash Fast Food, Berlin
April 14th Bix Bar, Vilnus
April 13th Cafe Leningrad, Riga
April 12th Lepakkomies, Helsinki
April 4th Tallinn Music Week, Tallinn
December 22nd Paradise, Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
December 7th Garage, Hämeenlinna
December 6th Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere
December 1st Varjobaari, Tampere
November 30th Lepakkomies, Helsinki
November 21st Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
May 19th Bar Zoom, Hyvinkää
May 18th Bar 15, Seinäjoki
May 17th Dynamo, Turku
March 10th Grande, Rovaniemi
March 9th Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu
February 2nd Mars Festival, Rytmikorjamo, Seinäjoki
December 10th Varjobaari, Tampere
August 13th Rapurock, Oulainen
August 12th The Rock Pub, Kokkola
July 2nd Earfest, Korvaluoma
June 10th Bar 15, Seinäjoki
May 14th Varjobaari, Hervanta
May 13th S-Osis, Turku
April 8th Rabbit Fest, Ravinlolalaiva Wäiski, Helsinki
December 17th Varjobaari, Tampere
December 16th Friday Music Bar, Helsinki
November 12th Rentukka, Jyväskylä
May 14th Doomstock II, Lepakkomies, Helsinki
February 6th Phychotropic Caravan II, Nosturi, Helsinki
November 13th Bar15, Seinäjoki
October 31st Space Force One, Torvi, Lahti
April 17th Monttu, Pori
October 17th Aplifier Worship III, TVO, Turku
September 18th Torvi, Lahti
May 23rd Ottopoika, Tampere
May 9th Nightlife Rock, Helsinki
April 25th Monttu, Pori
April 23rd Vastavirta, Tampere
April 19th Kellari, Riihimäki
<!— 2007 30.03.2007 Rentukka, Jyväskylä 29.03.2007 Torvi, Lahti 28.03.2007 TVO, Turku 16.03.2007 Ilokivi, Jyväskylä 11.03.2007 Vastavirta, Tampere 2006 11.11.2006 Golden Buddhe, Turku 10.11.2006 Annankatu 6, Pori 08.11.2006 Kultainen Kukko, Kankaanpää 06.10.2006 Vihan Pidot, Annankatu 6, Pori 03.06.2006 Metalliaurinko, Harjavalta 21.04.2006 Rientola, Pori 2005 20.08.2005 Valtarock, Harjavalta 06.08.2005 Operation Sandstorm II, Annankatu 6, Pori 11.06.2005 Operation Sandstorm, Ulvaanharju Desert 08.06.2005 Torvi, Lahti 21.05.2005 perf05, Pori 29.01.2005 Erkala, Parkano 2004 18.12.2004 Sony Jazz Center, Pori 22.10.2004 Karviarock, Karvia 29.05.2004 Williriihi, Karvia 07.05.2004 Annankatu 6, Pori 2003 09.08.2003 Kamari, Kankaanpää 01.08.2003 Karviarock, Karvia –!>

August 31st Kankaanpää

 On July 1st at 22:30 we will play our only summer festival show of 2017 as we finish the Eternal Hayden release tour on Gloria stage at @roskildefestival. We welcome you to share this special trip with us and get your minds melt big time! Also on the bill are our Wastement brothers Oranssi Pazuzu and Atomikylä with the almighty Neurosis. #EternalHayden #OranssiPazuzu #Atomikylä @neurosisoakland #RF17 #RoskildeFestival  @Barloose, Helsinki 13.5.2017 #mrpeterhayden #barloose Photo: @amajakphotography  @Suisto rocked, tonight @barloose rolling. #doubleoheaven #lovers
 @Barloose, Helsinki 13.5.2017 #mrpeterhayden #barloose Photo: @amajakphotography  @Barloose, Helsinki 13.5.2017 #mrpeterhayden #barloose Photo: @amajakphotography  @suisto tonight. Audio visual trip to be delivered at midnight, featuring our man from the woods. #branches #Hämeenlinna #heavypsychtravels #suistoklubi
 @Barloose, Helsinki 13.5.2017 #mrpeterhayden #barloose Photo: @amajakphotography  Travelling tonight @barloose takeoff at 22:22. Reaching through stars and futures past. #helsinki #barloose #EternalHayden  This weekend psych travels: Friday at @suisto and Saturday at @barloose both with Seremonia and Helén. Get your tickets from #Hämeenlinna #suisto #Helsinki #barloose

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