On The Rocks, Helsinki
Bar 15, Seinäjoki
Suisto, Hämeenlinna
Henry's Pub, Kuopio

2 weeks ago

mr. peter hayden

Our fifth full-length 'Osiris Hayden' is released today via Svart Records

Available on vinyl, cd and in digital formats at
Svart Records:
Levykauppa Äx:
Shiny Beast:

Upcoming shows:
December 13th, On the Rocks, Helsinki
PH + Pelagos / On The Rocks, Helsinki 13.12.2019
December 6th, Bar 15, Seinäjoki
PH / Bar 15, Seinäjoki 6.12.2019
December 5th, Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna
PH + Malamujér / Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna 5.12.2019
November 21st, Henry's Pub Kuopio, Kuopio
PH / Henry's Pub, Kuopio 21.11.2019

Wait for more announcements in near future. 2020 dates, including European tour, is being booked right now.

"Incorporating countless styles and genres, PH borrows from the full spectrum of music but belongs to none. Enthusiasts of metal, post-rock, ambient, and dark electronic can all earnestly gather at PH’s enthrallingly psychedelic altar to witness their uncanny marriage of primeval savagery and digital futurism... ...PH succeed once again in defying categorization into any conventional genre. More than ever, their sound has expanded into an unbounded creative space that drifts capriciously between styles without ever committing itself to one school of artistic thought."
- Invisible Oranges

"One can listen to Osiris Hayden and hear krautrock, prog, post-metal, drone, doom, EDM and whatever else one wants to hear... Osiris Hayden feels like a landmark of the sonic growth to which they remain committed. That is to say, whatever they do next — and I wouldn’t be so silly as to attempt a prediction — the only expectation is that PH will continue to move forward. Across five full-lengths to-date, they’ve never done it any other way."
- The Obelisk

"While some have labeled PH has the next (and future) generation of kosmische musik, they’re not so easily pigeonholed. PH take in, twist about, fold over, and plot anew jazz, rock, metal, ambient, and others as a way to map out their next steps, whether its by song, such as “Origo,” or by album, Osiris Hayden."
- Decibel Magazine

"Aiemmilla julkaisuillaan post-rockia, post-metalia, doomia, space rockia, ambientia ja kaikenlaista muutakin ääntä soittanut PH kuvailee musiikkiaan termillä post-everything – ja se tuntuisi olevan ainoa kuvaava termi tälle kaikelle!"
- Rumba Magazine

"Nu e deloc usor sa incropesti in acelasi sunet portiuni de KrautRock, Pop Cinematic, Jazz avangardist, Noise mulat pe efecte Industrial, mai tot timpul mantric si hipnotic. Vorbim de un Experimental Rock de toata frumusetea, daca ai starea potrivita pentru o astfel de auditie... Cred ca live PH poate dezvolta o dimensiune unica, asa ca nu ezitati sa-i vedeti."
- Kogaionon
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