Osiris Hayden (CD)


1. ”Thr33 of Wands”
2. ”Emergence”
3. ”Justified”
4. ”Uhrilahja”
5. ”Sun Sets for One”
6. ”Origo”
7. ”Ad Coronam”
8. ”M47eria Prima”
9. ”Tachophonia”

Svart Records
November 1st 2019

Osastot: , Avainsanat tuotteelle ,


”Earlier this year, they released ‘Osiris Hayden,’ their second offering through Svart Records and fifth overall in their prolific decade together. Their latest work finds them embracing new reaches of the cosmic infinite, taking on electronic charge as they never have before and exploring the connection between organic and inorganic audio experiences as if to ask what it is that makes something a natural experience, and what gives us such an arrogance to think we be able might determine that kind of thing to start with?”
Roadburn Festival